We recycle waste paper under Zero discharge
Excellence in quality and service

JODHANI PAPERS LIMITED is a successful paper mill known for its quality standards and consumer friendly approach. A technology driven company, Jodhani Papers always struggles to implement green technology in its manufacturing activities to give the best to its customers.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing of Kraft Paper by recycling of waste paper, Kraft paper finds its application in the packaging industry especially for making Corrugated Boxes and for other packaging requirements.

The special feature of its Kraft Paper is load bearing capacity and tensile strength which makes its most suitable for corrugated packing application. We provide high quality Kraft Paper with maintain high RCT.

Our Plant is of 180 TPD capacities with a recycle based technology using Old Corrugated Cartons as basic raw material to manufacture Kraft Paper.

All our Kraft paper products are available in a wide range and in a variety of shades.

At Jodhani Papers preservation of environment is an objective. The products are manufactured from 100% recycled indigenous and imported waste paper, thereby preserving the environment. Company has given extra focus on its effluent treatment and is successful to keep clean environment and almost zero discharge mill.

We follow the norms of our environment policy and seek to do our duty to society by making our clients part of our strong ecological beliefs.

We transact our business with efficiency, courtesy and complete transparency.

We envision  to achieve our objective of becoming the Marketing leader, using new technology  for development of new and efficient product for long term sustainability,  profit and growth by pursuing strong business strategies and commitment to quality.

 JODHANI PAPERS offers a wide range of speciality kraft papers on the market. You will practically always find what you are looking for among our machine finished (MF). Constant feedback from our customers and intensive research and development yield innovative new paper products and packaging solutions. This means that every one of our grades delivers superior quality, including excellent runnability, optimised converting productivity and the right packaging characteristics for the end-user.

Our services are tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. Jodhani Papers Limited believes in delivering  demands from the client.
We employ highly skilled and experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the industry. These professionals will handle every task of the process from sourcing the products to shipping and logistics.
You will have access to a highly optimized customer support to monitor product movement and manage the logistics of the order.
Our ability to source and distribute the best products results from an in depth understanding of the trade. We have evolved and sharpened our business senses to gain enormous technical information and market statistics, on national and international fronts. This puts us at a viable position to offer the best services to clients.
Jodhani Papers Limited. possesses sophisticated and high end technology, manufacturing units and storage facilities to offer the best to clients. Our state of the art equipment ensures the management of products, raw material, imports with ease.
We deliver on quality, quantity, pricing and any other aspect that you search for. We promise only what we deliver.