We recycle waste paper under Zero discharge
Excellence in quality and service

Jodhani Papers Limited is a Public Limited Company under the provision of the Campanies Act, 1956. It was incorporated on 5th day of June 1992.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing of MG kraft paper by recycling of waste paper, kraft paper finds its application in the packaging industry especially for making Corrugated Boxes and for other packaging requirements. The special feature of its Kraft Paper is load bearing capacity and tensile strength which makes its most suitable for corrugated packing application. We provide very high quality MG kraft paper that works as a fine replacement for other packaging media. The current capacity of our unit is 100 MT per day are planning to increase our production capacity as the paper market is expanding faster than the industrial growth of the country. Presently, we are marketing our MG Kraft Paper in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and the company is planning to expand its market all over India through dealers as well as direct sales.

Presently, we are manufacturing different varieties of Kraft Paper of 80-150 GSM and bursting factor (BF) ranging from 14-16 and companies is also planning to manufacture higher BF i.e 18 - 20. The product is in reels form. We have laboratory to test GSM, Burst Factor, Moisture test,  Degree Test, Cob value etc. and we are integral part of production to assure well consistency in quality.

We follow the norms of our environment policy and seek to do our duty to society by making our clients part of our strong ecological beliefs.

We transact our business with efficiency, courtesy and complete transparency.

We envision  to achieve our objective of becoming the Marketing leader, using new technology  for development of new and efficient product for long term sustainability,  profit and growth by pursuing strong business strategies and commitment to quality.

Set standards in using environmental friendly production methods and practices .

Proud to be Green.

We are proud to be green!

The eco friendly and quality certified paper production industry has tremendously increased in the last two decades. With global warming on the increase and species and their habitats on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing day by day. In this current scenario owing to the growing Consumer demands the pulp and paper industry is now offering more and more environmental friendly - Go Green paper options.

The existing trend in the paper industry has proved beyond doubt that it is essential to balance the consumer needs keeping in mind the environmental concerns. AT JODHANI Papers we use waste paper as the raw material to manufacture high grade paper products. We ensure that we have:

  • Sustained availability of high quality of raw materials and bulk import of waste paper to support the availability of raw materials
  • Adequate modernization of the manufacturing assets .
  • Infrastructure well equipped with the state of the art technologies .
  • Well defined processes for conducting regular quality checks.

  • At JODHANI we only manufacture eco friendly products Every JODHANI employee is aware how important it is to save our planet from the effect of global warming and deforestation and build a clean, green eco friendly environment for us to lead a long healthy life.

    In Pursuit of these concerns JODHANI Paper ensures:

  • Environmental Protection and Waste Minimization is the responsibility of every employee and for people working for and on behalf of the company this aspect will be an integral part of their working life.
  • The organization meets its responsibilities by conforming to all applicable Environmental Legislation and regulatory requirements, along with other requirements to which the company subscribes, in relation to its environmental aspects .
  • Prime consideration is given to the prevention of pollution and proper systems have been installed for the elimination of waste and emissions which result from the manufacturing process followed to produce paper.
  • Resources Saved Per Ton of Paper Recycled:

  • 17 trees
  • 60,000 gallons of water
  • under construction